Timeless skirts & bags of salmon leather

Available in all colors


Tailored for the wearer

“ROKK ON ROLL”, circular fashion of salmon leather, designed by Map Renes. Custom made of skirts, series bags & other fashion items.

For customization there is first a personal conversation to coordinate about the preference fashion style, color and posture. Map Renes makes then a draft sketch and a corresponding budget. As circulair fashion the client invests in salmon leather as material (raw material) for fashion. If necessary, the fashion item can change shape, from a COAT | DRESS | SKIRT into a BAG!

Make optimal use of raw materials for a longer period of time, which are in stock.

Power of nature

The leather is from Iceland. The tanning and coloring process requires a lot of hot water. This is from geothermal source, an environmentally friendly and renewable source. In addition, the electricity comes from a hydroelectric power plant. When producing salmon leather, trust is in the power of nature.

Properties of Salmon leather

Salmon leather is thin, flexible and strong. The texture is smooth and sophisticated. It has an exclusive, exotic look that resembles snake leather and the suppleness is suede. It is a by-product of salmon, which is intended for consumption. By also using the skin there is less waste. Use the fish from head to tail for “no waste”. Salmon leather tones well: the shades are bright and there is a wide and subtle color palette (Pantone TPX). The leather can even be produced in bright white!

In the ROKK designs, the forms of salmon are still visible. It is a puzzle to compose the pattern pieces from the different shapes. The material is hand washable at 30 degrees.


“ROKK on ROLL” shows how a circular economy works. The possession of commodities, which are getting different forms. For example, from a jacket design to a design for a dress, a skirt or a bag.

Fashion service in progress

How are we going to work?
  1. Start inventing the wishes of the future skirt carrier.
  2. Proposal for shape, pattern and color.
  3. Assignment & First Payment 50% of Fashion Investment.
  4. Order the salmon leather and dye in desired color.
    (production & transport approximately 5 weeks in Iceland).
  5. Footprint of shaping. The shape and dimensions are crucial to the design.
  6. Pass and payment second term 50%.
  7. Delivery of the ROKK. Total duration is approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

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