Terms and conditions of use

Shipping and returns:

Map Renes strives to maintain the highest quality in her products and your order will be handled with the greatest of care. Nonetheless, should you wish to return a product supplied by us, we request that you first read the instructions below.

• Items can be returned without reason within fourteen days. For returns please use the returnaddress: Pelmolenstraat 61 8022GB Zwolle The Netherlands.

• Always notify us of your intention and explanation to return an item in advance by sending an email to

• After these fourteen days, items can only be returned on consideration

• Return the item in its original packaging and in original condition

• We will provide you with clear instructions as regards returning the item

• We ask that you always retain a proof of postage

• Always read our terms and conditions first

For logistics we use the services of TNT express. If you order from outside europe you can contact us for an exact price of shipping.

Address for returns:

Map Renes,  Pelmolenstraat 61 8022GB Zwolle The Netherlands.

General Terms and Conditions governing the sale and delivery of products from Map Renes. 

Applicability of these terms and conditions

1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements, and deliveries pertaining to products supplied by Map Renes. The opposing party to Map Renes will hereinafter be referred to as ‘the buyer’.

Offers and agreements

2.1 All offers and prices quoted by Map Renes are free of obligations and dependent on price fluctuations.

2.2 All prices include VAT.

2.3 An agreement between Map Renes and the buyer comes about when an order is placed in the online store of Map Renes. As soon as Map Renes confirms the order, this becomes a binding agreement.


3.1 Orders will be sent on receiving payment in full of the order and the accompanying costs of carriage.

3.2 The deliveries will be dispatched with the utmost care, via the transport company delegated by Map Renes.

3.3 In accordance with the legal regulations, Map Renes cannot supply orders to anyone below 18 years of age.

3.4 Map Renes reserves the right to charge a fee of 15 euros to cover administrative expenses for orders that remain uncollected.

Delivery times

4. Delivery times quoted by Map Renes are intended as indications and cannot be regarded as expiration dates, unless this has been specifically agreed in writing or by email.

Alteration circumstances and force majeure

5. In the event that Map Renes is unable to meet the agreement because of circumstances beyond her control, she will be entitled to (partially) undo the agreement or defer her obligations until the impeding circumstances change. In this event, the buyer is obliged to purchase the goods already ordered.


6. All data, models, and images regarding colours, materials, sizes, and finish are intended as indications. Deviation herein does not constitute grounds for rejection, discount, annulment of the agreement or entitlement to damages, if these deviations are of little importance.


7. 1 The products to be supplied will be insured by the transport company. On receipt of the product, the buyer accepts the conditions of the transport company concerning the insurance and the insurance value. In the event that the product is delivered in a damaged state by the transport company, the buyer is entitled to refuse the delivery.

7.2 If an agreement has been made with the buyer to send a package uninsured, then the risk for the product defers to the buyer as soon as the product has left the storeroom of Map Renes.

7.3 Map Renes accepts no responsibility towards the buyer for damage sustained during transportation other than through the terms and conditions of the insurance set by the transport company.

7.4 Under no circumstances can Map Renes be held responsible for consequential loss.

7.5 By accepting the conditions, the buyer is also cognizant of the recommendations on the care of the product. When deviating modes of treatment are used, the buyer forfeits the right to restitution.

8. In the event that the buyer refuses a delivery for reasons other than mentioned in 7.1, Map Renes is entitled to charge the buyer for costs incurred as a result. Furthermore, Map Renes has the right to dissolve the agreement, without prejudice to the right to claim for compensation in full.

9.1. Map Renes is always entitled to demand payment in advance or cash on delivery.

9.2. The buyer is obliged to pay Map Renes all eventual legal and non-legal expenses that are incurred by Map Renes in the protection or exercise of her rights, including the declarations of the legal advisors, bailiffs, and other experts called in by Map Renes.

Power of deferral 

10. In the event that the buyer is in default or if Map Renes has well-founded suspicions that the buyer will fail to meet their commitments on time, Map Renes is entitled to (partially) defer the implementation of or obligations towards a sales agreement.

Conditions of ownership

11.1 All products delivered remain the property of Map Renes until the buyer has fulfilled all obligations to Map Renes in consideration of this agreement.

11.2 The buyer is not permitted to sell the products, which remain the property of Map Renes because of this stipulation, to third parties.

11.3 In the event that the buyer fails to fulfil their obligations to an agreement entered into with Map Renes, or in the event that Map Renes has well-founded suspicions that the buyer will fail to fulfil their obligations, then Map Renes is entitled to retrieve the products from the buyer. In this case, the buyer is expected to lend their full cooperation.


12.1 The buyer is expected to inform Map Renes of any grievances concerning the items delivered, in detailed and accurate writing where applicable, within seven days of receiving the products – and immediately for obvious defects.

12.2 Without prejudice to the previous paragraph, the buyer is obliged to check the products before (putting them to) use.

Return shipments

13.1 The return shipment of delivered products can only take place on receipt of a written or emailed confirmation of approval by Map Renes, whereby Map Renes has the right to give instructions with regard to the method of sending.

13.2 On receiving the return shipment in good condition, sent in accordance with the agreed instructions, the amount owing will be refunded to the account from which the transfer originally took place within 10 working days.

13.3 The return shipment can also be offered for sale in the store of Map Renes, with written permission. Moreover, the product can be exchanged or offset against another product in the store.

Intellectual property rights

15. Map Renes retains all intellectual property rights that are currently or might in future be applied to the design.

Privacy Notice

16. The buyer’s personal information will only be used by Map Renes, and not supplied to third parties.

Dutch law

17. Dutch law is applicable to this agreement. In the event of a dispute, the magistrate in Zwolle has jurisdiction.